BSI UK’s standard body sells out?

Prior to the BRM the BSI voted no. At the BRM the BSI indicated that the specification wasn’t ready. Prior to the vote, the BSI’s technical committee said no; the BSI group still voted yes. Against the advice of the technical committee. Why would they? With a single decision they have shone a very bright light on the contradictory processes that seems to exist at the BSI.

What’s interesting is the reaction to it. John Pugh MP has already raised questions, the UKUUG is seeking legal advice of the matter and numerous people are asking “just what is going on”.

One thing seems clear though; in one stroke the BSI devalued itself, devalued the standards process and made themselves a bit less relevant in an open standards world. It also raises questions about how they make decisions. With corporate interests controlling how and what the BSI approves, can we trust any new or existing standards coming out of the BSI? They have questions to answer and the silence is deafening.