Favourite anecdote about my Dad

I was thinking today about my favourite anecdote about my Dad, who is very much alive.  My Dad, who is now in his seventies, is very into the outdoor life, exercise and generally being healthy.  I think that this has something to do with his early career in the Army.

My Dad lives in Ontario, Canada, and is retired.  He has always enjoyed anything to do with water having been a keen sailor in the past, and has two windsurfers which he uses on Lake Ontario during the summer.  During the winter he tends to X-country ski, snow-shoe and generally keep very active.

About two years ago I got an email out of the blue which said that he was thinking of buying a canoe and described the ‘Indian’ style canoe that he was thinking of getting.  I thought, ‘oh, the windsurfing must be getting a bit much’ and emailed back a gentle question to that effect.  I got the following reply:

“No, on some days it isn’t windy.”