Rant: Just because something is hard …

<rant>I’m doing a beginner’s French course at the Open University. It’s great. It’s also hard work and takes lots of time.

However, the forums seem to attract many posts about how it is “suitable for beginner’s” or that “it’s not a beginner’s course”. Apart from being annoying, they are simply incorrect.

Fact: the course, L192, assumes no previous knowledge of French before starting on the course:


No prior knowledge of French is required to study this course.

This is a Level 1 course. Level 1 courses provide core subject knowledge and study skills needed for both higher education and distance learning. If you have any doubt about the suitability of the course, please contact our Student Registration & Enquiry Service.

The course is for beginner’s; it just isn’t easy.</rant>

The problem, of course, is that when something is hard or takes a little bit of work or time, some people instantly assume that the problem lies outside of themselves, and therefore, surely the problem is with the course/person/situation. Work harder and/or smarter; stop complaining.