Err, so about this writing thing

Writing about writing, or avoid writing by writing about writing. How meta.

Have you ever wanted to write a book? Nah? Thought not. Unfortunately, I have, and for those still with me, this post is about not writing.

I have two blogs. One is not enough; I have to let two blogs wither and die, with me not writing new content for either of them. Apart from the occasional post like this one which breaks the achingly long dry spell. (I realise, that you, the reader, probably doesn't have this relationship with my blog, but hey: it's nice to imagine it!)

One blog, and it's not this one, has lots of technical stuff. Well some, anyway. And if you like that type of thing, I think - hope - it's an interesting read.

This one has devolved into a messy political hand waving, or more accurately, wringing exercise, and I want to steer it away from that. I wrote about Brexit. I won't write about Trump - not my country, and way better people than I are more errudite about it.

But, I'd like to change that. I'd like this blog to be more about life's fundamentals; which for me is my wife and cats mostly. And also, probably the odd, semi-pathetic, post about not writing much on the blog. And have less dry spells. Again, it'll be tricky because the other place has more interesting technical content.

I've always wanted to write a book. They say you should start with an idea.


Doorways of the gods.

Does that sound like 'Stargate' to you? Yeah, well it definitely isn't about stargates. Does it contain the idea of instantaneous travel between worlds as a plot device to save time for the protagonists so that they don't have to age their entire lifetime to get around. Maybe?

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