Brexit: Beyond caring?

Am I all out of politics - I seem to have gone beyond caring

I started writing this on a plane, flying over the north eastern part of the United States. I'd just watched three films: Jack Reacher: never go back -- or something, Suicide Squad and Inferno, another episode in Professor Langston's "puzzles in ancient time having something to do with the present".

It was snowy on the ground, which is probably fairly typical for North America in mid-February. Luckily, I was going to Atlanta where it's going to be the equivalent of a hot summer's day in Newcastle. Or, about 21C.

And I realised: I might not actually care that much anymore about Brexit. It's something that's consumed me for months, both before and after. But now fighting it feels utterly futile. Why? Because the "powers-that-be" seem absolutely hellbent on doing it. They discuss an overwhelming mandate, or in English just a tiny bit more than half.

Let's visualise the overwhelming mandate. Put 100 people in a room. Split them into 50 and 50 on each side. Move ONE person from one group to the other. Now you have an overwhelming mandate with the 51 people against the 49 apparently. The will of the 51 is everything and the 49 can go and squat. If you want to be a bit more accurate, find another 900 people, split them equally and then move 17 to the winners. Yep, 518 vs 482 is another overwhelming mandate to do what you want to do.

Anyway, it is what it is.

So why don't I care so much, despite sounding petulant and annoyed for the last few paparagraphs. Because me and my family, we're probably going to be just about okay. We're definitely going to be worse off post-brexit. Everybody is. But, we'll almost certainly weather it, and may, if we're careful, actually benefit.

Incidentally, I also recognise that the entire political class is also going to weather this storm, along with the rest of the 2% of the population in that income bracket.

Perversely, the majority of the people who voted for brexit are mostly exactly the people who are going to feel the real pain. The JAMs probably won't continue just-about-managing, not with food prices rising due to the pound falling.

The deals we're going to do have to do post-brexit; they'll have "globalisation" writ large across them, which will further devastate jobs in the northern hinterlands (where I live).

The NHS failing whilst the government is single- (and stupid-) mindedly only focussing on one thing; that'll hit the poor hardest too. Not that this government seems to particularly care for the NHS, and seems to be delighing in its destruction.

The people who voted for change are certainly going to get it. Just not quite what they were expecting.

And why have I stopped caring? Brexit and Trump are exhausting to really think about. And because it's got a bit boring.

I really hope Brexit is a success despite all the experts continuing to say it won't be. But if it isn't, then it's your damn fault for voting the stupid thing through (assuming you did).

And if you're one of the spineless politicians who cares more for their short term electoral success than the wellbeing and prosperity of the nation. Go f**k yourself.

Me, I'm trying to find out if my grandfather really was born in Ireland. It's becoming a new obsession of mine.

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