Fighting entropy?

So I was stood at the kitchen sink washing up. It's actually a very regular thing, as I tend to do most of the washing up in the household. Such is (my) life. Anyway, as I was washing up and generally making things look tidier, my mind wandered and I starting thinking about disorder, creating order from chaos, and the constant struggle to keep things tidy. Especially in the kitchen during marathon cooking sessions. Today was marmalade, soup and side-dish of cabbage & flageolet beans, a lot of which is destined for the freezer. For the avoidance of doubt, I did not cook these items.

A lot of this cooking is to convert vegetables that have been grown at the allotment (also not mine) into various dishes. And this creates quite a bit of disorder. In fact, it appears that:

What's this got to do with entropy? Entropy is a measure of the disorder in a system. More disorder equals more entropy. More ordered equals less entropy. So complex structures (plants and people) have lower entropy than, say, the same decomposed/dead plants and people.

So during my little daydream whilst washing and clearing, I remembered that ultimately life is a fight against entropy, and one that, it seems, inevitably all life will lose.

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