005 - Bitcoin is a disaster

If you use Bitcoin you really hate the environment. A mini rant on the tech that has no use other than to burn carbon.

In 2020, the average energy usage of a single Bitcoin transaction was 651 kilowatt hours, roughly equivalent to 100,000 Visa transactions, but with none of the convenience of buying things with Visa. By the end of 2021 'mining' Bitcoins will mostly consume 1.5% of the world's electricity.

Effectively, Bitcoin and other 'crypto-currencies', especially those depending on 'proof-of-work' like Bitcoin, have set back the environmental progress by (possibly) decades. Not to mention they are the favourite currency of drug-dealers, people trafficking for the sex trade and ransom-ware attacks.

All so you can buy a VPN or coffee anonymously. Or not

If you really want to purchase that VPN anonymously, just send cash in an envelope to them.

I'm publishing this as part of 100 Days To Offload. You can join in yourself by visiting https://100daystooffload.com

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