008 - Writing is fairly hard, it seems?

Or, this 15 minutes a day thing seems like a hard habit to aquire.

Each day I have many ideas about what to write about. Mostly they seem to be about things that make me angry, and presently that's pretty much anything the current Tory government do, be it with Brexit, the Pandemic, or today, the Police and Justice Bill.

But I'm not going to talk about those things. I'm going to talk about my relationship with writing itself. And it's been a bit hit and miss, as the posts to this blog (and the other place) attest. I don't write frequently, or rather, I write very sporadically. And that affects it. I'm rusty. It's probably a bit dull. And I tend not to be very good at it.

I suspect writing, as a skill, is a bit like programming. You have to actually do it to get better at it. Programming is a craft. Improvements accrue by writing programs, reading other programs, learning about new techniques and then applying them. Sure, academic knowledge helps, but the act of programming is what improves programming. Or to put it another way, one improves one's practice of programming by practicing it.

So drawing the analogy to writing prose, articles, or (perish the thought) blog posts, rather than programs, the key to improving them, is simple to write more. Which, not without irony, is the purpose of #100DaysToOffload.

And that's my 15 minutes of practice today; what will you write about?

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